10 Steps To “Radicalize” a Muslim

  1. Establish that Muhammad is Allah’s final prophet.  Muhammad is not just a prophet; he is the last one, and all Muslims are commanded to imitate him.  He is referred to as being the perfect man at least 90 times in the Qur’an.
  2. Establish that the Qur’an is the words of the Islamic god, Allah.  The Sunna (the Arabic word for practice) is the collection of Muhammad’s teachings and actions in the Hadith and the Sirah.  A devout Muslim must not only believe in the Qur’an; he also must believe in what Muhammad taught and did.  Even many “moderate” Muslims believe this.
  3. Establish that Allah is the only god and that his law, the Sharia, is the perfect and good law for all mankind.
  4. Establish that the only way for a Muslim to have contentment is to be fully submitted to Allah’s law and his will.
  5. Establish that there are two things which must happen before there can be Islamic peace in the world.  First, Muslims must rid the world of the kufrs or kafirs (literally, excrement or filth)—that is, infidels, unbelievers or disbelievers.  Secondly, The Sharia Islamic law must become the law of all nations.
  6. Establish that Allah only rewards his faithful servants and that he punishes the disobedient.  One becomes faithful by submitting to and obeying Allah.
  7. Esstablish that the only guarantee of salvation for a Muslim is through jihad.  Muhammad said that 60 minutes on the battlefield is worth as much as 60 years in prayer.
  8. Establish that the greatest rewards are to the shahid, the martyr.  This is the one who dies performing jihad.  He gets the 7 blessings, including the 72 virgins and the right to intercede for 70 of his family and friends for their salvation.
  9. Establish that the people of the book (Christians and Jews) have corrupted the West with their Judeo-Christian democratic style of government.  A government that allows you to choose your own leaders, to have freedom of speech and to have freedom of worship is a corruption brought by the people of the book (Christians and Jews).
  10. Establish that Israel is stealing the land which belongs to Muslims.  Allah promised this land to the descendants of Ishmael (not Isaac), and that land must be returned to them.  Allah commands the death of every Jew.