What should I do about my doubts about the existence of God and Jesus?

Email Received:

I am trying to be a Christian. Did you have any problems at first when you came to read the Bible? Like did you have doubts about the existence of God and Jesus? For me, I used to believe in Jesus, but now I am double-minded, and I know that is not good. What do you think I should do about it? It is scary, and I know there is a reality of hell if I don't repent. It's just weird I am double-minded about God, yet I know there is a fiery hell waiting for me. Do you think it is just Satan playing around with me?

Ted's Response:

I never have doubted the existence and sovereignty of God, as far back as I can remember. The Bible always made sense to me. Plus, I always knew I was a sinner and needed a Savior.

A relationship with God always felt comfortable to me, especially since I've always been pretty asocial with people. It's like I felt I could trust and communicate with Him better than with anyone else. A couple of decades ago, it seemed like God directed my focus on writing about Bible topics and about Him, and I have included all of what I've written at my website.

As for the doubts that you are having now about Jesus and God, I would think that this is an attack by Satan to influence you to go in the wrong direction. Satan loves to put doubts in our minds about the truth. At least it sounds like you do have enough of a foundation to know that God, Satan, and hell are real, which is a good thing.

Probably what I would recommend is that you confess your doubts out loud to God and tell Him that you do not want to have those doubts. Of course, God already knows that you have doubts. But saying that out loud lets Satan and demonic spirits hear it, and they will know that you have enough faith in God to say directly to Him that you do not want to have any doubts about Him or His Word.

Also, ask God for a stronger faith in Him. Faith actually is a gift that God's Holy Spirit extends to people (1 Corinthians 12:4,9) to enable them to believe in Him. I believe that He can give people varying degrees of faith, so ask Him to give you enough so that you no longer will have doubts about Him. The chapter of Hebrews 11 gives a good overview of the faith of significant people in the Bible.

Furthermore, it is important to try to do things we know will please God and to try to abstain from things we know displease Him. When we sin, we need to acknowledge our wrongdoing to God and ask for His forgiveness.

When Satan and demons see that God has increased your faith and that you are striving to be obedient to Him, they will be less likely to mess with your mind. That's how it happens with me, anyway. I try to keep in mind the importance of wearing the Armor of God, in Ephesians 6:10-18, when dealing with evil spiritual enemies.

I will pray that all of these things will work for you, that you will become less and less double-minded, and that your faith in God/Jesus will be strengthened. Then you can be an example for others who are having doubts and a weak faith.

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