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The time I spend on my computer and online is very limited.  That time consists of making additions and modifications to my website, processing pictures and graphic images, responding to emails that I receive, and other tasks.  These are merely a few of the things that keep me busy when I am on my computer.  Typically, the emails I receive contain comments and questions about the various topics at my website.

It is extremely rare that I can have ongoing, back-and-forth dialogues and conversations with anyone about anything, including these and other topics at my website.  Even my closest family members and friends understand that I do not have the time to engage in anything other than very brief discussions with them.  Also, I virtually never will converse on the phone.

For the most part, each email I receive is concise and pertains to a specific topic or subject at one section of my site.  It usually takes me several days to respond to even the most succinct and concise email, due to my time constraints and because I am the only person responding to the emails sent to tmont714@aol.com.

For a very lengthy or complex email, it typically will take me a week or two to address the items in the email.  There may be so much subject matter included in an email that I simply cannot respond to all of the issues in a timely manner; so I am able to respond only to a few or, unfortunately sometimes, to none of them.

When I am online, I usually do not visit many other websites, and there are very few websites that I visit repeatedly or on a semi-frequent basis.  Also, it is infrequent that I take the time to watch videos.  When I do, they typically are 10 minutes or less in length.  If I recommend a video or an audio that is longer than 10 minutes, it usually is because I listened to some or most of it in the background while I was doing something else, and I felt it worthy or interesting enough to suggest it.

If someone wants me to visit his/her website or another website, watch a video or read a lengthy page somewhere online, or read something attached to an email, requesting that I evaluate it or make comments about it, this usually will be a very time-consuming activity for me, since I am multitasking other projects at the same time.  As such, if  I take the time to do any of these tasks (which I usually will not), it most likely will greatly extend the period of time that it takes for me to respond to the email.

In the Bible Question Emails and Tedís Responses section of my website, I have not included all of the email responses that I have written to people.  Generally, the email responses included there pertain to topics about which I frequently am asked and/or in which I feel many readers will have an interest.

It should be noted that I do not have an interest in attempting to convince others of my beliefs, nor do I ever assault or criticize authors or their views at other websites.  I sometimes am willing to give my opinions about certain topics, when asked; but I do feel that people should believe whatever they choose to believe.  As for me, I have neither the time nor the interest to engage in arguments or disputes, especially since they tend to be lengthy.

For those who feel they have a need to convince me of what they believe, I recommend that they read this page: Attempts to Persuade Me to Believe Things.  For people who have a desire to express their views and perspectives and to exchange their ideas with others, I encourage them to create their own websites, post their thoughts at various online blogs, and/or record videos that they can upload to You Tube, for all to see.

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