What is your view on how or if we should make preparations for the coming tribulation?

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What is your view on how or if we should make preparations for the coming tribulation? For example, besides our trusting in the Lord daily, should we try to get a place somewhat removed from others and try to get that place as self-sufficient as possible? I know that during the last half of the tribulation besides not being able to transact business to provide for ourselves, Satan will be persecuting the Christians and many will be tortured and killed. And, of course, I have concern for my family. Or, do you think we should only pray and trust the Lord for his protection over us and make no preparations?

Ted's Response:

All of your questions are excellent. However, I cannot answer any of them with absolute certainty, pertaining to what I would recommend for other people. All I can tell you is what I have done and will be planning to do.

Of number one importance, I feel, is to develop a close, ongoing relationship with our Lord and Master, Adonai, as it seems that you have. He is the only one who knows the future with perfect accuracy, so only He knows what will be the best pathway for each of us through what is unknown to us but is known to Him. We not only should trust in Him but also should read and study His written Word: Law/Torah, Prophets, Gospels, and Apostles. I think those who do will find clues and hints in what to expect for themselves and for their loved ones.

Furthermore, it is important to give back to Him, such as in time serving Him and by tithing to worthy ministries and giving to those who do not have enough, because He will give back to us immeasurably more than we have given away. All that we have is His anyway. When we are willing to give up a fair amount of it, on behalf of Him and others, He is much more likely to provide abundantly and plentifully for us in return, including in supernatural and miraculous ways, even in times of shortage and scarcity. He is our Jehovah-Jireh: the Lord who provides (Genesis 22:8,14).

For many, there will be great tribulation, distress and suffering. For some, martyrdom and death are on the horizon. Still others will pass through the tempest, shielded by the Lord's supernatural hand of protection and shelter. The one thing that all true believers entering the dark tunnel ahead will have in common is the bright prospect of the Pre-wrath Rapture at the other end, whether they are alive or dead when it happens.

I recommend looking over my Adversity Preparation and Adversity Supplies lists. I have purchased most of these items myself, and the list will not be complete for many people. My supplies should last me a few months. Others may prefer to store enough supplies to last for a few years..

I believe that people should have some supplies on-hand as a buffer when there is widespread panic, which could be caused by practically anything including pandemics and/or famines. Store shelves locally, or maybe even regionally or nationwide, will be cleaned out. Most likely, an individual or a family could stay in one place and subsist until a particular emergency sweeps by. In the long term, though, I do not see how one could store up enough supplies to make it through the worst of what prophetically is predestined to come. That is why a willful dependence on God, in all ways, is so important.

However, I do see the potential value of growing one's own food, if that is a realistic option. In many cases, this could involve moving to a more isolated location, where growing vegetables and fruits (and, perhaps, farm animals) is permitted and where there is enough room to do so. With time, however, I suspect that "Big Brother" will be able to search out and find most people, except those whom the Lord hides and protects.

In addition, I know people who already have moved to more isolated places and have stocked up on everything they feel they will need to live and to protect themselves for an extended period of time. So far, He has not led me to do this. But, if God clearly leads others to do so, then I assume it will be right for them. I've found that fasting and praying sometimes gives me insight into what the Lord wants me to do, which I may not have received by not doing that. I recommend fasting and praying for others as well.

I have to assume that He will care for us and our loved ones in the dark times ahead, when it doesn't seem possible that it could happen in the natural. He has infinite resources and can bless us as He pleases and in whatever ways that He chooses. And if, instead, He wishes to take any of us to be with Him, then that will be even better.

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