Prophecies of Nostradamus

Part 1: Key People in the Time of Troubles

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Background/overview of the Antichrist

In the early 1990s, the Antichrist is beginning the realization of his ambitions. He will start his political career at a local level and continue to advance, becoming ever more greedy of power. The Antichrist will become a world leader, even though he misuses his power. The root meanings of his names will give a clue of his destiny and what he is capable of. The names may sound somewhat barbaric to European ears. He will be influenced by old customs known in the literature but generally forgotten.

The Antichrist will be worse than Hitler. He presently is living in the Middle East. He is at a very crucial time in his life, when impressions will influence his future lifepath. Currently in his realm there is a lot of violence, political maneuvering, and corruption. The atmosphere is having an effect an effect on him, and he's coming to realize what his destiny is.

He will succeed in conquests but only at the cost of terrible bloodshed by conventional weapons, but he will save his nuclear arsenal for later unspeakable deeds. So many people will be killed that the living will not be able to haul them away to be buried fast enough. The people of the world will be accustomed to the sight of corpses, and the sight of death will will not make people squeamish because they will be around it so much.

Neither Kadaffi nor the Ayatollah Khomeni are the Antichrist, but they will contribute to the destabilization of the region that will aid his rise to power.

He will be educated in Egypt because of its current stability and strategic position to the Middle East and North Africa.

The social upheavals of the times will contribute to laying the way for the Antichrist to take over. Various countries will have their social and political structures turned totally upside down. Religious fanatics (not spiritual people) will come into power and believe they are justified in their draconian campaigns. The religious fervor allows the Antichrist to come into power through persuasive guile. His followers will regard him as a religious figure.

Despite the massive propaganda campaigns of the Antichrist that paint a grand and wondrous picture of his worldwide achievements, other glimpses of his heinous atrocities "behind the scenes" will leak out. He will not be able to live up to the image his followers project of him.

The Antichrist will be in action near the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, and the Arabian Sea. He will gain immense world-wide power. Thursday will be an important day for him; he will take it as his day of worship. He will be a threat to everyone, but particularly in the East because he will gain control of China, Russia, and the entire Asian continent, for the first time in world history.

The social and political upheavals orchestrated by the Antichrist will be felt particularly in northern, developed countries with cooler climates. During his time, societies will be torn and cast into chaos and confusion. Many doomsayers will arise as false prophets, claiming to have divine revelations and knowing the path of salvation for the people.

For a short period, in the reign of the Antichrist over his realm, there will be no fighting because of his police state. But people will begin to rebel in the memory of lost freedoms. There will be very much death and destruction, with many people dying for their cause. Prophecies from Revelation in the Bible will apply. The times will be extremely violent and traumatic.

The Antichrist will take Thursday as his day of reverence. There will be enormous warfare and bloodshed from his weapons, one "a monster borne of a very hideous beast." Hard radiation will cause gross deformities, terrible mutations in nature, in plants and animals as well as in the earth. There will be great pain and despair.

Political & religious philosophies of the Antichrist

The Antichrist will develop a systematic philosophy based on Marx and Engels that takes advantage of the elements related to the complete control of a population. Russia and China will be vulnerable to the philosophy because of their past receptivity to Communism. The Antichrist will use his philosophy as a way of conquering the entire Asian continent before setting out to take over the rest of the world. His philosophies will be propagated through manipulations of the different institutions of political power.

The Antichrist will corrupt the religion of Christianity with the intent of destroying it, but he also will distort the beliefs of Islam. He will disguise his agenda of conquest as a way of life and a replacement for religion.

He will study and emulate Hitler and his techniques avidly to try to surpass him and avoid his mistakes. He will have access to books and material not available or known to the general public. It will be possible for him to obtain secret Nazi documents on Hitler, and he will study them very carefully.

This man will be doomed from the start of his campaign, because he is against central spiritual forces that make up the fabric of the universe. For people who choose this path, "It's just a matter of how far they go before they fail and what effects they have on the lives around them." Like the ultimate downfall of many tyrants, his empire and power will be inherently unstable. His own subcommanders will be power hungry in his image, and his authority will fragment around him. The political map of the world, the boundaries of countries, will change but the continents of the world will still be shaped the same.

Death of the three popes / Catholic Church & the Antichrist

The present Pope will be assassinated [may refer to assassinations attempts of Pope John Paul II in 1981 and 1982], and the Pope following him will not last long. The final pope will be a tool of the Antichrist. The Roman church is already a tool of the Antichrist, indirectly supporting his aims, even though they may not be aware of it.

The last three popes of the Catholic church will fall in short succession. The third to the last [John Paul II?] will die from an assassin's shooting. The second-to-last will be "swallowed up" by the schemings of the Antichrist. The last, the one born slightly misshapen, will go the greatest distance in destroying the church. The Antichrist will use him for awhile until he gets in the way, at which point he will be eliminated. His treachery will accelerate, and his death will signal, the end of the Catholic Church.

Second-to-last pope "swallowed" by Antichrist's schemings

The second-to-last pope will have a short reign. Due to political blunders and mistakes, he will pave the way for the final pope to be a tool of the Antichrist. His reign will be an omen of the final downfall of the church.

Before the Antichrist comes to full power, it will appear that other leaders are above him and in control of the power structure. In reality the Antichrist will be using them as stepping stones in his quest for world power. During this period, he will have a traitorous cardinal working for him, spying on the second-to-last Pope. One of the cardinals will steal information from him and alter the Pope's personal correspondence, so that it has different connotations. It will make the situation appear inordinately worse than it is in reality, causing the Pope to react inappropriately. This way, the populace will be more likely to see him as incompetent and his authority will be destablized, possibly by being assassinated. The cardinal will be troubled by his betrayal because of the obvious dissension it causes the Church; but being allied with the Antichrist, he will rationalize away his backstabbing.

The treachery of the final pope

The last Pope will be elected shortly after the discovery of the tomb of an ancient Roman whose philosophies greatly influence western thought, something like within a year's time. This is the "poisonous" Pope that is actually only a tool for the Antichrist, who will bring about the ultimate destruction of the Catholic Church.

The last Pope probably will be French, with a swarthy complexion and blue eyes. There will be an air of mystery to him. He will have a physical deformity of some sort, like a slightly hunched shoulder or clubfoot, a congenital defect in the bone. (It won't be caused by injury, since he will have been born with it.) His mind will be scarred by the deformity and the cruelty and callousness of people toward others who are different.

He will enter the church at a young age out of bitterness and desperation, knowing he would never get a girl to love and marry him. His parents will be involved with the Nazi movement in France, and his schoolmates will taunt him with names like "Nazi lover." This Pope could have been kindly if it weren't for his childhood environment and experiences, but instead will be warped into cruelty from pain. He will want to "get back" at the world for his suffering while young. This is a weakness that the Antichrist exploits.

This Pope will want to show his enemies, "Look at me; I'm powerful; I can do it; I'm better than you." After he attains the power he desires, he will be indirectly responsible for the murders of innocent people because of his alignment with the Antichrist. He will not murder anyone himself but will open up avenues for the Antichrist to do so, particularly those who hurt him when he was young. This future Pope will appear to be kindly on the surface because it is advantageous for him to be perceived that way, but the sinister side of his personality will be deeply rooted.

The final pope will betray his Church by revealing extremely crucial and sensitive information directly to the Antichrist, information that the Antichrist could never have obtained even through his spies in the Church.

Demise of the Catholic Church

Ruin will befall the Catholic Church because of its leaders' ambitions for illegitimate power. The leaders will become vainglorious and think that they can handle whatever they desire to grasp, and it will be their downfall. Their ambitions will be chilled when they fail and the Church will be subject to great upheaval, with the Pope ultimately being dethroned. Catholics, alienated and disillusioned with the powermongering, will no longer support the church, and the sphere of influence of the Church will diminish greatly.

The base of the Catholic Church in Rome will be destroyed in an accident, as if the city sank into the sea. This will coincide somewhat with events in the Middle east and some people will connect the two, but in reality it will be a coincidence. However the Arabs quickly will take advantage of the situation, even though they didn't cause it. The restrictions of the Vatican will cause the church to crumble. They may rally, but it will be a blow from which they will never recover.

The downfall will reveal why the church finally collapsed after surviving so many centuries. The accident will be a combination of natural and human-triggered disasters. The force will involve the sea and a great energy force from the sky descending and dissolving the landscape. It will be termed a natural disaster because it will be beyond the capability of anyone on the earth to produce the force. No one be able to find any cause, so it will be labelled an "Act of Nature." However, the more important event of the time, which people will be distracted from noticing, will be the Antichrist's invasion of Turkey.

Cabal's teeth in the international power flow

During the time of the Antichrist, a secretive, conspirational cabal will "pull the strings" behind the scenes to manipulate world politics and economies for personal gain. These master puppeteers will operate figureheads in many countries, governments, and the major world capitals. They will be united but very clever in disguising their influence. They will hold positions that appear to be relatively minor, like advisors and under-secretaries and such, but these will be key positions of their power.

In the daytime they will appear to be good, loyal, model citizens working for the same goals their governments are supposedly working for, but behind the scenes they will band together and pool their information and contacts to work for their own ends. They will not appear to have any political power, but they will have a firm grip on world affairs, like sharp teeth sunk into everything.

This secret organization has been in existence for several generations. Their existence is hinted in the family histories of the banking powers and money centers of the world. Only the families involved are aware. The cabal of leaders has been very slowly but surely building up a worldwide network of power, because they want to take over but stay behind the scenes.

At first when the Antichrist comes along, the leaders of the cabal will regard him as a new, dynamic, youthful leader from the Middle East they can use to unite the area and reign it into their realm of control. But the Antichrist will end up turning the tables on them.

Cabal involved in military and economic conquests

The Antichrist successfully will take over nearly all of Europe. The cabal of international financiers and bankers will not stay in active war with the Antichrist, and his attention will turn elsewhere. In France the underground will begin to flourish.

The cabal families make their influence and fortunes in the banking and commodities industries, such as gold or diamond mines, leather, tins, etc., like the colonial barons associated with the European world empires, who started their families' fortunes exploiting the materials of the Third World nations. "The seventh and the fifth" will have the same names, and the seventh one will be considered part of the fifth.

The cabal will manipulate the economy to cause the unemployment or inflation rates to rise or fall at their whim. They will affect everyone's life.

Cabal destroyed by the Antichrist

Somehow through the espionage powers of the Antichrist, the seven key leaders of the secret cabal will be discovered and destroyed. This is his familiar technique of throwing his enemies into confusion and chaos to seize or take advantage of their assets in their weakened state. At the time he will know only that they were financing the European forces that opposed him.

But in this case it will be shortsighted of him because it will have been the cabal that has been instigating the warfare going on through the decades and centuries, and destroying them in effect will seal the "beginning of the end" for the Antichrist because their hidden activities promoted his agenda.

Fundamentalist fanatics' infiltrations into governments

Powerful men involved with fundamentalist religion and politics, shrewd in manipulation, propaganda, and in distorting the word of God for their own ends will band together to obtain *key* posts in the government. The posts are not necessarily splashy or public but are critical points in the power flow where they can exert their influence to subtly affect world events in their favor.

Leaders in the Middle East will become aware and alarmed by their encroachments and will change their laws, making it more difficult for Americans to travel in this area. It will affect American money, currencies, and trade with the U.S. The Antichrist, in the midst of building a power base, will be influenced by these actions, in a way that will be harmful to the Christian cause later. The religious fundamentalists will cause their own undoing in this way.

Manipulation of the IRA in Ireland by the underworld

Members of the underworld will send faulty arms and drugs to fighters in Ireland. The British and the IRA both believe they are fighting for the good of the country but at the last minute realize they have been destroying it. At the last minute they will try to compromise but will be foiled by the manipulations of the underworld conspirators who are playing each side against the other. The underworld elements are spread in many areas but the arms and drugs will be shipped from Monaco.

Wealthy U.S. businessman a closet revolutionary and Nazi

A very wealthy and famous businessman in the U.S. will be secretly involved with the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan in the south. The man's sole ambition in life is to overthrow the American government as it is presently constituted. The man will be involved with politics but will stay low-key, spinning webs of power and expanding his influence behind the scenes. This groundwork will prove useful for the Antichrist later on. The man will have a puppet, a figurehead, but he will pull the strings. The link will not be known until the time of the Antichrist.

Fundamentalist censorship

A distortion in religious values will plague the populace during the time of troubles. Fundamentalist religion and its fanatics will be like an old man holding a thick oaken stick over his followers, to make sure they don't step out of line. This is opposed to to spirit of honor, valor, loyalty to one's country, and all the other virtues. The fundamentalists will be both Christian and Moslem.

During the time of troubles and massive earth upheavals, the countries that harbor fundamentalist religions and philosophies will become very powerful, claiming to offer the true comfort and path for the populace in need. The fundamentalist groups will suppress learning and education and censor books.

Terrorist assassinations

The final Pope is captured into the influence of the Antichrist during a period of great civil unrest, war, and desolation, and many other horrible events. History will be seen as a series of catastrophic events, each topping the ones before, leading up to the time of troubles.

During the time of troubles, the assassination of world leaders will become extremely common, so much that the population will not even keep track of who is the current leader, thinking it a futile exercise because they are assassinated so frequently. With the warfare going on, a great danger will exist to anyone who has ambitions for leadership, except for the Antichrist, who will be actually orchestrating most of the assassinations himself.

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