Israel Archeology

By Paul Liberman | International Messianic Jewish Alliance | April 2007

The Antiquities Ministry was formed soon after Israel was declared a State. Great care has been given in granting permission to dig in the Land. Over time, it has become assumed that findings will confirm the Bible.

It seems the only occasions that the world hears about this type of activity, is when the Arabs become angry over research under the Temple Mount. Admitted or not, such findings authenticate Jewish prior ownership of this holy area.

The discovery of the “Tomb of Jesus” as burial place of the family of Jesus (Yeshua) seems like current news. Actually, the citing dates back to 1980. The government hasn’t been sure about publicizing this finding. On the one hand, traditional Jewish rabbis don’t like the idea that it verifies that the New Covenant is not myth. Alternatively, if the bones found were those of the Carpenter of Galilee, it could challenge the idea of resurrection dearly held by Christianity. Eventually, the story came out and is being debated.

Under Reported Event

On February 7, 2007, there was a Jerusalem Post article generally not covered by the Western Press. Professor Joseph Patrich of the Hebrew University pinpointed the exact location of the Second Jewish Temple. It was found to be in a more Southeasterly and diagonal angle relative to the Eastern wall of the Temple Mount and not perpendicular to it, as had previously been assumed. Also, the location of the laver and a ramp have been seen and identified.

This research was based upon the findings of a large underground cistern mapped by British engineer Sir Charles Wilson in 1966. This giant reservoir for water drainage measured 4.5 meters wide and 54 meters long. As measured now, it could hold up to 12,000 gallons of water.

Examining the location and configuration of this underground pool, together with rabbinical writings in the Mishna about passageways and daily rituals tells us that these waters were used in the daily purification rites. These sacrificial duties were carried out by the priests on the ancient altar of sacrifice. The water was brought up by a waterwheel mechanism from the cistern.

Patrich said his research indicates that the rock, over which the Dome of the Rock was built in the 7th Century, is actually outside of the confines of the Temple itself. It is this rock that Muslims believe to be the spot from which Muhammad ascended to heaven, although this is not stated specifically in the Koran.


Other modern day archeological research was done on the precise spot of Yeshua’s crucifixion. This is in the same general location as the information referred to above. So, a drill was used to penetrate some 30 feet of rock at this historic place. Water flowed from this location underground into the Patrich cistern named after the researcher. As was speculated, there is a water passage through the rock into the cistern used for sacrificial rites. This place is called Jeremiah’s Grotto under Calvary.

In the course of research traces of blood were found on the drill bit used. This blood contained only 24 chromosomes and no X chromosome. This indicates an unusual male and its makeup cannot be that of animals. Human cells are normally made up of 48 chromosomes. This blood sample was tested in a U. S. laboratory.

The Research

Not having an alternative explanation, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to link this half number and its location to Yeshua. It makes a certain amount of sense in view of Genesis 3:15. This verse speaks of the seed of a woman and not that of a man.

Twenty-four chromosomes suggest a human being whose earliest embryonic meiosis/mitosis cell division was different. This could possibly be an evidence confirming a virgin birth as predicted in Isaiah 7:14. No one is offering another speculation about how there could be blood with all of its other features, but only have half the usual number of this genetic makeup.

Such archeology was done under rules specified by the Israel Antiquities Authority and took place between 1979-89. Wyatt Archeological Research Inc. undertook it and Ron Wyatt found three holes, 13 inches square and three feet deep on Golgotha, cut into the rock. He claimed these were sockets for Roman crosses.

After four years of careful exploration a small entrance into a chamber was discovered. It measured 22 feet deep by 14 feet wide and 8 feet high. When they took samples of the dried blood to the Jewish authorities Department of Antiquities, three Israeli rabbis visited the site. One collapsed and was taken to a hospital. A second died and a third was murdered that night.

Israeli authorities sealed the chamber, because it could cause Orthodox Jews to want to build the Third Temple and this could lead to a blowing up of the Dome of the Rock and start a holy war. Jewish rabbinical leaders and non-believers discount Wyatt as sincere, but delusional.

Wyatt has gone to be with the Lord, but his work continues through an associate who assisted him throughout this research. His name is Hal Bryan, who is convinced of the validity of this work. Many skeptics deny it and seek to discredit the discoveries in one way or another. Still, certain physical facts cannot be denied and have been verified by the governmental Ministry.

Science can confirm faith, but it cannot create it. Perhaps, your faith parallels mine that a small portion of Yeshua’s blood has remained embedded in the rock until this age, when science is capable of examining the DNA. Other drops of bloody residue could have seeped down below the rock. It then would have gone through the water passage, which flowed into the cistern below, the place of Temple sacrifice and was used there. My faith does not require that this be so, but why shouldn’t God be able to even satisfy every physical requirement of His sacrificial system, as well as its spiritual accomplishment?

Importance of Blood

We recall the importance of blood in God’s economy from Leviticus 17:11:

For the life of the flesh is in the blood; and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls, for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul.
It has been frequently stated that the word “atonement” is a contraction of at-one-ment. It is the means of again becoming at one with God. It is the way back to Him.

Animal sacrifices weren’t enough to get our species back, because they were of a lesser biological phylum. One human being got us into our troubles through disobedience and according to God’s perfect justice; it would take an equal and offsetting obedience to make mankind’s books balance.

In the New Covenant, Yeshua often refers to himself as “Son of Man.” In Israel to this day the Hebrew for the English “human being” is Ben Adom (son of Adam). Thus, Yeshua was frequently reminding people that He was a representative of the human race.

Moreover, He could qualify for a perfect blood sacrifice, since His blood was uninfected. Modern science tells us that negative emotions result in secretions into the blood. In this way sin makes our blood defective and unusable for sacrifice.

Through the Scriptures, the spiritual inheritance is carried through the male. An example of this is in Exodus 20:5:

...visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of those that hate me....
Yeshua’s father was without inherited sin and so our Messiah’s blood was pure from defilement. Without a virgin birth, any other human being’s blood would have been unsatisfactory.

Big Picture

Our Heavenly Father was so grieved to see us separated from Him. Yet, He would not be subverted and overruled by His Adversary. Look at His long-range plan!

First man had to see his sinful plight. This was followed by predictions about an eventual savior and a virgin birth to produce righteous blood. This one unique individual, our representative, would pay the price of the derived sin of Adam. Thousands of years would pass until Jews would begin to:

...look upon Him whom they have pierced and shall mourn for Him, as one who mourns for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him... (Zechariah 12:10).
Now, in these last days, modern science permits verification of the exact truth of the New Testament report. Possession of the Land, archeology and microbiology are available today. They add objective evidence to our spiritual trust. The case mounts and it is becoming more difficult to hide from the Truth. Surely our Messiah is the Way, the Truth and the Life for evermore. In Him we rest.

Paul Liberman
Executive Director