Culture of Ignorance and Denial
by Ted Montgomery    Friday, July 13, 2007

I have been asked if I am an optimist or a pessimist.  Actually, I am both.  I am an extreme optimist, concerning the return of Jesus back to earth, knowing how things will be following that event.  The reign of Jesus will be the most glorious and peaceful utopia the world ever has known in human history.

On the other hand, I am an extreme pessimist, as far as the deterioration of world events between now and Jesus’ return, in particular during the 70th Week.  Moreover, as time progresses, I become increasingly convinced that we now are living within the 70th Week period (see my European Neighbourhood Policy commentary).

Pertaining to the latter, multitudes around the world, including a great many living in western nations such as the United States, are oblivious, for the most part, regarding end-time events described in the Bible.  These people live in a perpetual daydream of ignorance and denial, concerning impending events about to come upon the world.

Many believe that global warming is the greatest threat to humankind’s existence.  It may be true that a general rise in global temperatures is taking place, although the cause most likely is due to normal cyclic climate variations, rather than the byproducts of fossil fuels.

In reality, the greatest threat to our existence is failing to acknowledge, to remember, and to fear God.  He is the One, True (Judeo-Christian) God, Who created the universe and everything in it.  There is no other God.  Our failure to believe in Him does not negate His existence.  Our negligence in praising and honoring Him merely will hasten the inevitable onset of His righteous anger and, ultimately, His indignant wrath.  Yes, He is a God of love—until His patience runs out.  It almost has.

At the present time, God already is removing His helping, guiding hand from the earth and from its inhabitants.  The result will involve a series of consequential events, not the least of which will include a widespread crumbling and collapsing of infrastructures (buildings, bridges, roads), failing economies, bankruptsies, hyperinflation, and financial depression.  So many things will go wrong, so rapidly, that there will not be time or money to recover from one catastrophe before another one occurs.

There also will be calamitous warfare between nations; gigantic, relatively frequent earthquakes and tsunamis; weather-related disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and severe droughts; horrendous, widespread famines and scarcities of food and water; dreadfully overwhelming plagues, pestilences, and epidemics; and deadly attacks by confused, starving animals.  I believe that all of these things (in the last two paragraphs) are imminent and, most likely, will become unmistakably manifested within the next one to three years.

But this will not yet be the worst of it.  The final 3½ of the seven years will commence with the Great Tribulation—described, in Scripture, as a time of distress unequaled from the beginning of nations, up to that point (Daniel 12:1b; Matthew 24:21).  This period, approximately 2½ years, will be interrupted by God Himself, via cosmic disturbances in the heavens (a darkened sun and moon, along with an apparent disappearance of stars), along with a great sloshing of the oceans on the earth (Matthew 24:29; Luke 21:25,26).

Essentially, there will be a great, literal shaking of both the heavens and the earth—foreboding the first wave of God’s indignation and wrath in the horrifying Trumpet Judgments (Revelation 8:6–9:21).  I believe that the latter will be encompassed within the seventh year.

What will be the catalyst that will spark the initiation of all of these occurrences and phenomena, mentioned thus far?  I suspect that it may be a sudden, marked onset of radical Islamic terrorism.  An event or sequence of events of terrorism may have a drastic effect on financial markets, cause widespread panic, and/or in some other way set forth the “beginning of birth pains” spoken about by Jesus (Matthew 24:8).  On the other hand, an unusual increase in natural disasters could trigger the reaction.  Whatever the catalyst, I feel that the latter time of intensifying troubles is imminent.  See The Endtimes for more details.

If you have not embraced Jesus Christ, the Son of God (denied by Islam: Maryam: 35, 92), as your personal Lord and Savior, it would be a good idea for you to do that sooner rather than later.  If you are to be protected during the worst of times, He will be the one to do it.  On the other hand, if you are to be among the billions who will die, there is no one more worthy than the Lord, Jesus, for Whom to die.  After all, He died for you.  Martyrs for Allah will inherit death and destruction (not brown-eyed houris or virgins in “Paradise”).  Martyrs for Jesus will inherit eternal life and peace.

Do not be ignorant and in denial of the things you see happening in the world around you.  Even more importantly, do not be eternally remorseful and regretful.  Choose life, not death.