Prophetic Words of Change

By Susan O'Marra | In the Image of His Glory Ministries | February 16, 2010

The Lord said that He was going to change our communications. Our timeframes, our methods, our communications, everything is about to change and we have to be able to switch. We have to be able to turn in the new direction. It has taken us awhile to be ready, but now we are getting ready to assemble something new and to function with the new things. Something that has never been seen before, or used before. In our preparations, God is giving us a compass. We are beginning to get a directional flow. We are going to hear the wind of the Spirit tell us which way to go.

My Children, I have been drawing you to Myself. I have been breaking you away from your old patterns, old thinking. All of the old things that had eaten away from My time with you, and from the things that I wanted you to do, that you weren’t quite doing yet. And I began to draw you into My position, where you would begin to establish a new commission. And I have been slowly, and with synchronization, been turning you, turning you, notch by notch, click by click, step by step.

For I am about to bring great change. And you have been aware of this, but the time is short. And I have done so much preparatory work already. You are ready My Children. But I am about ready to shift gears. And as I shift gears, the years will pass faster. And they will flow from one to the next. Because I am ready to move globally, and not just regionally. But I have made you ready. But Children, even as you think you are ready, you must position yourself and allow Me to bring the final things into fruition. For My arrows are about to move you around the world. My Hand is about to pick you up and set you here, and set you there, and set you everywhere, where My people are crying out for Me. I am going to put you in front of them. I am going to bring them to you. I am going to show you what to do.

But you must be aware. You must be alert. Because I am not just finishing My preparatory work, I am raising up My Standard now. And it will bring explosive change into every heart, into every life, into every church, and into every city. For in one day, you will see Me standing in a new way in My House. And the world will wonder at what this is. But they will see that it is Me. And they will come running to Me. And I want you to make yourself available to Me. For I am repositioning thee. Just a little synchronization left. And you will be fully in place. And everything around will be fully in place. And I will release My explosive Grace, and as that explosive Grace sweeps through, everything you need will follow you. I have it all set. And My meter is running. But listen for My voice in the wind. Listen, for I am coming.

I am coming. I am coming here. Hear My voice this year. Seek My face. Know My embrace. For there will be much that will contend for that space. There will be much that will contend for My embrace, and you cannot yield to anything but Me. Children, be alert. Be alert to the distractions that await thee. To the hindrances that desire to overtake thee. And you must press further, for the enemy sees, the things the things that are about to be. He sees, because he sees you seeing clearly, and he does not desire this. But Children, you cannot miss. Stand in My presence, across this land. Stand with the passing of My Hand and see, as My Hand strikes 12, watch and see those things that will explode all around you. And you will wonder how, Lord, why did I not see this? It wasn’t time. But you are right on time.

Take heed to your call. Take heed lest ye fall. Take heed lest ye be tempted and drawn away. Set your feet in My House. Set your feet in the Way, and know this day, that I have called you to this place, and I have given you the Grace, but there is much that would contend for that space. But I have given you the authority, I have given you your inheritance, and it is Me. Rejoice, My Children, this day. For you have broken through all the way, you have broken through, into those things I am about to do. But do not deviate. Do not stop. Do not relax, but be alert. For I am ready. My Hosts are ready. All is in readiness, and My Compass is in your hand. Watch, for I am about to expand.

Shaking. Much shaking. Great shaking. Severe shaking, and Extreme shaking I will do. I will do to break My People through. Across this land you will see shaking expand. You will see it break across the world. You will see severe shaking, extreme things. For I know the depths of the enemy’s bondages. But do not be alarmed at My Salvation, for it will be a Great Salvation in the earth. But I will rend the earth, to reveal the birth. And you will stand, and you will minister with My hand. All across the land, as My Shakings expand. Do not fear these things. Do not wonder, Lord, is this you? I tell you ahead of time, before I do them it is Me.

Focus on Me, and as you see these things erupt in the earth, know, that you are at birth. And know that you are to go and do as I have shown you, and will teach you to do. For only when I shake them through and through, will they come to Me, and ask Me to make them new. But I love them enough to bring them to Myself. My Children, the Harvest is of great worth. And you will minister My Life and My health to all who will respond to the Call. But know this, that many will look on the shakings, and they will say, No Lord, not this way. And they will turn away and leave Me, but I say, you are not to do this. For I must shake the hearts to awake them, and to bring them to Myself. For as I shake the bands off their hearts, off their feet, off their minds, you will know it is Me. For did I not do this to set you free from Egypt? Did I not shake that nation? Did I not bring it to its knees before Me, to release My People? Will I not do it again, Oh, and even more!

Even more, even more, I will shake Egypt again! My Staff will hit the waters. My Staff will hit the homes. My Staff will hit the cattle. My Staff will hit everything that is not of Me, because I am saying to Pharaoh, set My people free! And you know it is Me, for My Staff is in My Hand, and I will shake every land to set My People free. And you must stand, and know it is Me. And then you go forth, rejoicing, with Healing in your hands. For this Purpose, you will expand, to show My Life to every man.

End of Prophetic Words.

Susan O'Marra