Re: 2010, Sanhedrin initiative calling world to Pesach Sacrifice
by Adamantine on Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:36 pm

I do not know anything for sure and do not think anyone can know for sure. However:

  1. The Sanhedrin Initiative is calling for a Passover sacrifice this Passover 2010.
    1. This is the first notified attempt in nearly 2000 years.
    2. Jewish Legend says a Passover sacrifice on the Temple mount hastens the return of the Messiah.
  2. Passover 2010 starts March 30 and Easter is April 4 (as part of Passover).
  3. April 4 is 42 months of 30 day months from the probable start of the ENPI October 24, 2006.
    1. The ENPI is the only seven year treaty in the history of Israel.
    2. The treaty does not have to be broken, abrogated or in any other manner changed for a sacrifice to be stopped.
    3. It is an assumption that the seven year treaty and in this case the ENPI is broken or canceled in order to stop the sacrifice. The covenant of the many does not have to be abrogated to stop the sacrifice. Nevertheless the midpoint review is suggestive that it could be put on hold and this was threatened in 2003-2004. It was discussed in the EU parliament last month as well.
    4. The growing anger of the EU and US towards Israel and the Palestinians may play itself out in the willingness to intervene and stop a Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount.
    5. The EU has for the first time in history a small number of consultant police in the West bank and the ability to increase that number to 1,400 within 30 days. These police are under the direction of the PSC of the EU.
    6. If Solana gets the PSC appointment it will be a huge boost to the likelihood he may be the one to stop the Passover sacrifice.
  4. Daniel 9:27 does not specifically state what sacrifice is stopped. It does not specifically say it is related to a Temple.
  5. The sacrifice stopped is in the midst of a seven year treaty. It does not say exactly the middle.
    1. Nevertheless Passover is exactly in the middle of the treaty as counting from when it was initiated.
  6. The Sanhedrin has as far as we know no plans for any other sacrifice this year.
  7. The hardest point seems to get people to acknowledge is that the temple does not have to be built for the sacrifice to be stopped.
  8. The stopping of the sacrifice and the claims to deity and the AOD are possibly separate events.
Yes there is also the midpoint of the time period from January 1, 2007 to Dec. 31, 2103 in June? July? August? as well and one needs to watch until then but these are less likely dates for all of the reasons above.

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