Re: 2010, Sanhedrin initiative calling world to Pesach Sacrifice
by Adamantine on Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:19 am

Comments (in response to another entry, "The timing is definitely amazing. But my question is: What is the difference with their attempt this year to other attempts in the past?"):

The difference seems to be that they have announced on a web site that they intend to attempt a sacrifice in 2010. In 2007 they were planning to perform a Passover sacrifice but as I understand it they did not announce this on a web site or ask people to sign up to be a part of the ceremony. The Supreme Court of Israel in 2007 denied them the opportunity and in no way could one say the EU or the USA stopped them.

In 2008 they actually performed a sacrifice in an apartment on one of the nearby mountains (hills) across from the Mount of Olives. In 2009 there was nothing beyond some sketchy reports of someone being arrested for some sort of plans or attempts to sacrifice. However in 2009 came the arrival of the website which the Sanhedrin initiative began to call for a Passover sacrifice. In July they also started building a sacrificial altar and in December they stated this altar was completed.

Now in 2010 reviewing the website one finds the remarks listed in the first post on this thread. Everything in past experience would say that they will not be able to attempt a sacrifice and that Israel itself and its government will prevent the sacrifice so as to not inflame tensions with the Palestinians.

What has changed from past years is the following:

  1. There is now a Sanhedrin (started 2004).
  2. There exists a subgroup called the Sanhedrin initiative with a web site calling for a sacrifice. This initiative appears to be new as of 2009.
  3. Public opinion polls showed support for a presence on the Temple Mount rising from about 25% in the 1990's to 64% in an Israeli survey this last year.
  4. There exists an altar and when one has a tool and claims to plan to use it then it seems reasonable to believe they will try to actually use the altar. Altars are used for a sacrifice.
  5. The altar was built to be mobile and we might assume be brought to the Temple mount.
  6. The Government of Israel has changed to a fairly hawkish one with a Foreign Minister who is disliked in Europe because he is firm on a host of sensitive issues.
    1. The governments of the EU and the USA have changed and were discussing canceling the ENPI in Parliament in the EU in December. For its part the USA was discussing canceling loan guarantees. Israel has not backed down in the face of these only slightly veiled threats.
  7. As we approach the 2010 Passover Season Jerusalem has become a cup of trembling to the world and we actually see the debate center on Israel reaffirming its claims to sovereignty of Jerusalem.
  8. This makes it at least a reasonable thought that the current Israeli government will now allow a Passover sacrifice to provide facts on the ground which highlight their claims to East Jerusalem. They may actually be looking soon for ways to tell the world of their determination to retain control and sovereignty of East Jerusalem.
  9. The ECOPPS program in which the EU has about thirty police officers in the West Bank helping train Palestinian police has only been in existence since about 2004.
  10. EUCOPPS are supported by the existing capability of the EU to place 1400 on the ground in a crisis within 30 days.
  11. There has not been a softening of Palestinian attitude toward Israeli presence on the Temple Mount and they would likely riot if provoked by a sacrifice on the Temple Mount.
  12. There has been an increased effort in 2009 for religious Jews to go to the Temple Mount.
  13. In repetition we also know about it being the midpoint of a strengthened seven year treaty between the EU and 800 million people and 40 plus nations including Israel.
  14. All of the above are not conjectures they are actual facts.
  15. Now the conjecture: The conjecture is that we may actually see an attempt to sacrifice on the Temple mount this year. If so will we be able to trace a solid line back to the EU (and others) that stops the sacrifice before it occurs or after it occurs? It may be stopped before the actual death of the lamb in which case the sacrifice has been stopped. Because of the wording of Daniel 9:27 it seems more likely to me that at least one sacrifice will occur but if not I will still consider the prophecies of Daniel to have been fulfilled. I am not an expert of the linguistics of the languages of Daniel and would wonder if anyone else can shed light on this aspect of the discussion. Will it lead to riots and the increased presence of EUCOPPS forces up to the 1400 in Jerusalem? Will it trigger an ever accelerating conflict between Israel and the whole world leading to wars and rumors of war? Will Solana be active again? Will Solana have a position back in the PSC or WEU? Or will his position as Security adviser for Spain be enough to satisfy prophetic fulfillment?
  16. Now more facts:
    1. Spain holds one of the two presidencies of the EU Council.
    2. Spain holds one of the two presidencies of the PSC.
    3. Spain holds the 6-month rotating headship of the WEU (While the WEU also awaits more than a caretaker Secretary General).
    4. Spain has claimed a desire to be very active in the "Peace Process" in 2010 and has even been called "delusional" in its desire and belief it might bring peace to the region in that time period.
    5. Spain's foreign minister is Miguel Moratinos.
    6. Between 1996 and 2003, Moratinos was the European Union Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process.
    7. In 2007, Moratinos was the Chairman-in-Office of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. He is second only to Solana in his understanding of Europe and the Middle East and its needs for peace. They are motivated. Will it be enough for Solana to be adviser to Spain in its position as had of these presidencies to be part of the stopping of the sacrifice...even if he does not get the PSC or WEU positions? I think so.
  17. All reasoning makes it a possibility that we might see a sacrifice attempted and stopped. Most of the world would miss it because they are consumed with the affairs of their own personal world (cares of this world) and the pursuit of worldly goals (often the deceitfulness of riches). Much of the world would see it but miss the importance of the event because they willfully have not studied God's Word. Most of the Christian world would not see it because they have not kept Christ's admonition to watch as at least one of the priorities in their life. Much of the watching Christian world will miss it because they will say it cannot be fulfillment because it CANNOT happen until we are gone to not see it. Many of those even on this site might miss it because they have become discouraged by the vagaries of events and the confusing events which have confused us all.
While nothing may happen in just a few short months there are great Biblical and Political justifications to be watching. If a sacrifice was stopped and we could find proof Solana had a true part in that then prophecy will have been fulfilled. If so Solana will also have done so while hidden to most of the world. Seeing it we would have tremendous decisions to make because of the huge implications/ramifications of the event. The world then could soon be expected to be in ever increasing turmoil and war.

Watching is reasonable (backed up by reason). Watching is free. Watching is safe. Watching is righteous. Watching can be secret. Watching is commanded. I am watching.

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