Email Received March 16, 2012:

OK, have read so much of your site. I just want to say that if you believe in the power of the Holy Spirit then please believe me what I am saying and do not think I am a nut. The Lord has been working in a very unusual way with me over the past year (unusual to all that I have told about it but many do believe me 100%). The Holy Spirit literally moves in my stomach and has told me many truths as I have asked over the last year. It began on some trials I have had faith the Lord would take care of from the last 23 years and I have held my faith but literally got on my knees and prayed for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth this time last year. As I sought the Lord reading Scripture, studying, praying and so much more, He began moving in my stomach as I "thought in my mind" about truths I desperately needed to know and had prayed for. I know it sounds weird but oh it is so true.

Fast forward to currently as I had been contemplating about the final week of Daniel thinking that there is no way the antichrist would want the general public to know when the covenant was signed as that would alert all those that were watching diligently. 2 weeks ago the Lord woke me up about 4:00 am by literally moving in my stomach to make sure I woke up as I was dreaming about the final week of Daniel. The dream was that the Lord was telling me we are in it, quit looking for the covenant we won't see it...we are in that final week. When I woke up literally from him moving inside me to specifically wake me up, I immediately thought of the dream and I said, "Lord, did you wake me up so I would specifically remember this dream?" He moved in me so fast and furious saying YES, YES, YES.

Well, I went back to sleep and I am not sure how much longer later he woke me up again and this time I was dreaming about the abomination of desolation and he was telling me to look for it as the very next thing to happen. I said, "Lord, did you wake me up to tell me that so I would remember this part of the dream?" Again, he moved in me like you would not believe again confirming absolutely He woke me up for this very reason. The next morning when I woke, I was in total awe...and then I was just praying and asked the Lord for confirmation again (as it was amazing what He did and I was a little baffled to say the least) and He confirmed to me again that, yes, He did give me those dreams and yes He did wake me up so I would specifically know what He was telling me. So, you are right...we are in this final 7 years and I just don't know how close to the abomination yet, but I read your recent post and saw your thoughts from this week.

Most of the world is not even paying attention and could care less, but I am telling everyone I know the truths He is showing me and I felt led to tell you as well. Again, I know it is weird but He did say he would pour out his spirit in the final days and I think what He is doing with me is part of that outpouring. I am just a normal God-fearing, Jesus-loving Christian living my life for Jesus every waking moment as close to Him as I can. I am ready for His return but I am praying for family members. I too after all my studying came to the same conclusion of a 6th seal rapture and believe it will be maybe at the midpoint or a little after the midpoint of the final 3.5 years.

Thanks for all your insight on your web site. Great info and lots of it. God will bless you for spreading the good news as you do!!