Hi Ted,

The bad has happened, and now the worst is yet to come.... Americans used to be known as smart and quite savvy. Now we have morphed into a country that is unbelievably dumb for the majority of citizens. Quite tragic. This thought is the most distressing one for me—this realization of what our country has become.

After electing Carter in 1976 (our 2nd worst president in history), we endured four torturous years of high interest rates and horrible stagflation and inflation. At that time Americans were still smart enough to throw the bum out when it came to his reelection in 1980. As a result we had eight relatively blessed years of an America turning around under the optimistic and (often) Godly leadership of Ronald Reagan. The mood of the country changed dramatically with the healing that this man brought.

Now the last four years have been a disaster and America has not recognized their errors and wicked ways under this Kenyan Bolshevik with all his little Communist thugs/puppets. Our country has squandered its chance to reinstate a "moral" and sensible course. What can God do with a people that laugh at Him and spit in His face? First comes His gracious entreaty to return to Godliness. Then, if a people reject His goodness, comes Judgment....

I believe this country stands at the brink of the latter. May God be merciful to those of us that believe and trust in his in his Beloved and Blessed Son, JESUS.