Man in Restaurant with Black Eyes


I was at a bar last night where a similar thing happened to me as someone described at your site.  I was restless and went out for a drive around 11:30pm and ended up at a restaurant bar I have never been at before to see if I could get a bite to eat.  I don't drink so there was no hidden agenda.

The bottom section of the bar was still serving food, so I went down there where there were a few tables of people still eating.  I ordered a sandwich and took out my car magazine to read.  After 5 minutes I wondered where the server was because I never received my coke or silverware.  By that time, all the other tables were empty, besides one table with 3 people at it which didn't have anyone there before.  I looked down at my magazine for another minute, and when I looked up the two girls and strange looking fellow had turned in their seats and were looking intently at me.

I used to be a big fighter with above average looks and even served time in jail at one point in my life.  I am also still in very good shape and would never back down from anyone looking for a fight or to cause me harm.  So I started looking back at the guy without looking at the girls.  We stood dead locked for a good 30 seconds.  Right before I was going to get up and approach him, his eyes turned black right in front of me.  No more whites, just solid black which coward me instantly (never happened before).

I sat there for another few minutes, and one of the girls approached me and asked me if I would like to join them.  I tried not to pay attention to her and she reached out to grab my chin, so I jerked back and said to leave me alone.  She smiled a wicked smile and walked back to her table, and I overheard her say that I was not ready.  (Ready for what?)  The guy had a goatee and a mis-shaped head and was wearing just a normal black shirt and jeans.  The girls on the other hand were beautiful and wearing very sexy red dresses, which I thought was very very strange.

The hair on the back of my neck was sticking straight out and I didn't even finish my food, just got the hell (no pun intended) out of there and noticed them laughing in a very strange way, not a normal laugh.  If I wasn't looking straight at him when his eyes changed, I would have sworn he put contacts in, but it couldn't have been because it happened right in front of me.

Lately, I have had a very similar girl enter my dreams and seduce me several times and I could never really see her face but have a feeling it was the same girl now.  Why am I all of a sudden a target? I have had abnormal strength my whole life and could wrestle 3 people at the same time.  I don't go to gyms or like working out with others but feel I need to keep my strength at a certain level.

I always wondered why I do this, as I am a business owner with a college degree and have no family or personal history of mental issues.  I have been with the same girl for over 13 years and have great relationships with my friends and family with no reason to make up any crap.

Well, I hope this never happens again but now sleep with a knife close by and lock the doors.  I have this strange feeling I am being targeted by something not human.  I am not scared but enjoy my life and am willing to protect it at all costs.  I have to admit I always thought I wasn't normal and needed to prepare myself for something.  I just never knew what it was....