Spam Email Nuisance
February 28, 2014

We all receive spam email, and it is very annoying.  Usually, though, we will get no more than a couple of spam emails from one source, and then it stops.

What is frustrating and infuriating is when the same source or sources continue bombarding us with garbage, on a regular basis, over a long period of time, which I consider to be unethical activity.  There are three email addresses from which I have received spam rubbish constantly for well over a year.  I have not opened even one of them, since none of the subject matter has been of any interest to me (click on each one to see its Whois registration page):

I have sent emails to these addresses requesting to be removed.  However, all of my emails have been returned undeliverable.  Thus, I assume that those email addresses are counterfeit fabrications and do not actually exist.  All three of the associated domains (,, and are registered with the company below, which helps to shield registrant information from public viewing.  Evidently, this company has failed to monitor and limit the amount of spam from those email addresses:

Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
PO Box 639
Kirkland, WA  98083

I have adjusted my email settings to funnel the email waste from these sources into my spam folder.  However, sometimes regular emails that I want to read accidentally end up in my spam folder.  So I glance through it daily to see if there are any productive or important emails that I wish to open.

The more spam there is, though, the more difficult it is to sift through the compost heap of worthless junk, such as from the email addresses above, and find the emails that I want to open.  The field of debris that I have to wade through makes it more likely that I inadvertently will overlook an email that I wish to read.

I decided, beginning in late December, 2013, to keep a list of the trash emails that I receive from these three email addresses.  Click here to see the list, or look at the bottom of this page.  On January 31, 2014, I wrote an email and sent it to these email addresses:

The email expressed why it was a hassle for me to receive emails from these sources and requested that that they STOP being sent to me.  Click here to see the first email that I sent to these addresses.  Some of the emails were returned to me undeliverable.  I did not receive a response from any of the other email addresses.

There was a very brief delay of only a few days before the relentless onslaught of emails from,, and continued.  So I have added the collection of unopened garbage emails from the month of February, 2014, to my list so that I could post this at my website for visitors on my Global Map of Visitors to see.  I invite any of those visitors to email me if they have received spam emails from one or more of the three aforementioned email addresses.

I also have sent out another email to most of the addresses to which I sent the previous email.  Click here to see the second email that I have sent to these addresses.  I have included the address of this page for them to see.  Hopefully, this time, someone will have enough competence and integrity to make certain that these irritating and aggravating addresses (,, and are STOPPED from continuing to send out anymore worthless spam, not only to me but to others as well.

Spam Garbage Emailed to Me from,,

December 29, 2013, to February 28, 2014

Garbage Spam from,, and

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