Dying, Comatose Man with Black Eyes

Dear Dr. Montgomery,

I stumbled upon your web page while researching people with "black eyes."  I can totally confirm your statements regarding those of us who can discern spirits.  I have been Holy-Spirit gifted with this ability.  All glory to God!  I am to the point where I can feel the presence of evil before the eyes become black and, you're totally correct, they are NOT dilated, have no reflective hint of light, but are mere dull, endless, bottomless pits of blackened darkness.  They do, indeed, reflect the demon living inside.

From a personal experience, I can testify that those whose hearts are filled with evil are cunning liars, escape artists, completely deceptive, and wear many masks; all are driven with the need to control and destroy.  My family member, and I use "family" quite loosely, was either sweet as pie or mean as a pit bull.  These possessed people also have unbelievable superior body strength.  I witnessed a 90+ year old person throw a very heavy chair straight across the room with NO effort whatsoever.  If they came face-to-face with a professional wrestler, the demonic person would easily win!  I believe possession of one's spirit by demons can actually begin in childhood.  Evil can inhabit anyone who opens doors to sin and selfishness.  They choose to reject the Lord and His light in any way, shape or form.  They cannot fathom asking forgiveness because their sins would have to cease and the evil inside will not allow it.  I've noticed for many years those convicted of heinous crimes all seem to have pure black eyes.  No remorse, no feeling, just evil encased in a human body.

In another personal case, I and a relative were praying at the foot of a hospital bed for a man who lay dying.  There were relatives of the man in the group and they, too, were praying behind us.  This man had been comatose for a few days now.  When we were just about finished with prayer, he abruptly rose bolt upright, his eyes black as coal just staring straight at me and my fellow relative.  We could feel the anger, evil, hate pouring out of him as if to say, "How dare you invoke the name of Jesus!"  Strangely, we both stared right back using the Holy Spirit's boldness and strength…and neither of us looked away.  I'm sure it was only a few minutes but felt like an eternity before he lowered his body and went back into a sleep state. The entire room was shocked into silence.  I know a few relatives commented on "those black eyes," but it was never discussed openly.

The Lord seems to place these evil people in my path to deal with.  However, evil senses the presence of Jesus in my soul and some actually try to hide or remove themselves from the premises rather than deal with the Power of the Holy Spirit.  Always interesting, never a dull moment for Christians.  I totally agree with you also on those "Christians" who aren't yet ready for the Lord to come "get us."  I've been ready for a very long time and cannot understand those who claim to be "Christians," yet seem to dread the coming of our Lord.  I don't get it, but I'm going to share a bold judgment call, from my personal thoughts only, if the Holy Spirit has not been accepted into one's heart and life, one doesn't have the insight or power to receive those gifts He gives so freely and, therefore, has "stifled" the Lord's Holy Spirit from doing the Will of God in our lives.  Again, in my opinion.

Dr. Montgomery, thanks for letting me air my opinions and I Praise God for getting me to your site.  I believe we are of one mind in most of what I've read.  Please don't stop your passion for truth and thanks for using your gift of discernment when answering poster's questions.  In you, the Holy Spirit dwells and can move freely to touch others for the Kingdom of God!  May the Lord bless you abundantly and if you ever need a prayer warrior, contact me.  There is not one prayer that I've placed in the Lord's lap that he has NOT answered.  Praise The Lord!  No ability whatsoever on my part — I'm just the vessel and the voice He can use anytime He pleases!  Hallelujah!  God is soooooooooo awesome!