Suspect in Oklahoma beheading
tried converting co-workers to Islam

By Kyle Phillips | New York Post | September 26, 2014

A disgruntled, fired factory worker who had tried to convert his colleagues to Islam used a 10-inch work knife to stab and behead a female employee, law enforcement sources told The Post on Friday.

The FBI is investigating Thursday's brutal murder at Vaughan Foods in the Oklahoma town of Moore due to the nature of the attack, which comes on the heels of recently released ISIS beheading videos.

Alton Nolen, 30, had been fired from the food distribution company early Thursday and drove back to the plant around 4 p.m., according to sources.

He barged in and attacked the first person he saw 54-year-old Colleen Hufford stabbing her in the back and cutting her head off with a knife he had used while working at the plant.

Numerous statements from co-workers pointed to a religious motive behind the attack citing Nolen's background in Islam and numerous attempts to get employees to convert, sources said.

KWTV Channel 9's Robin Marsh tweeted that Nolen had been shouting Islamic phrases during his vicious attack, but that could not be immediately confirmed.

He then directed his rage toward a 43-year-old co-worker, Traci Johnson, whom he repeatedly stabbed with the same bloody blade he used to saw off Hufford's head, according to sources.

He was finally shot by Oklahoma County reserve deputy and former Vaughan Foods CEO Mark Vaughan, who used a rifle to bring down the menace.

The FBI is probing Nolen's Islamic ties and attempts to convert colleagues. Homeland Security has warned this week of "lone wolf" terrorist attacks on US soil while American forces conduct airstrikes against ISIS forces in Syria.