I wanted to share with you how God made so many things fall into place tonight.  JoAnne called me crying about 6:45pm, saying that Greg was in really bad shape.  I asked if I should come now or in the morning.  She said, "Now, and please hurry!!!"  So I went home, packed a bag and got on the 5 freeway, asking God to please keep Greg alive until I got to the VA.

I walked into Greg's room 20 minutes before he died.  Praise God!  JoAnne and I were crying and caressing his head and face, holding his hand, kissing him and telling him how much we love him.  I thanked him for being a good brother in law and for how much he helped me.  We kept telling him how much we love him as he was gasping for air.  I told him he's going home to our Father and Jesus.

5 minutes before he died, their good friend Julie walked in the room.  We were all around Greg crying, praying the "Our Father," holding JoAnne, and telling Greg we loved him.  I was so afraid when I saw that he was slipping away!  I wanted to say, "No!  Greg don't go!"...but I didn't.  His breathing slowed down and I could not believe when he took his last breath.  It was so intense.  I have never seen a person die.

We were all crying, praying and holding JoAnne when we realized Greg was gone!  God allowed Julie and me to be with JoAnne and Greg at the end of Greg's life.  What a blessing.  I am so grateful that I could be there for them.

JoAnne and I got to Anaheim at 2:00am in the morning.  Above JoAnne's house was a strange white streak of light.  I told JoAnne it was Greg's way of telling us that he made it to his final destination!  We then turned the lights out and stood out in the backyard looking at the brilliant stars, and then coming from the white streak was a falling star!  JoAnne and I saw it at the same time and shrieked, "That was Greg or God telling us Greg is safe!!"  It was such a blessing and very comforting.  Greg now knows the Secrets of the Universe!  No doubt he is pain free and happy in God's presence.

Love, Kathy