Muslims Seethe as Jews Tour Temple
Mount on Chol Hamoed Pesach

By Gil Ronen | Israel National News | April 5, 2015

Videos show Jews touring the Mount with police escort as Arabs harass them. Activists say tours have been cut short.

Videos taken by Shlomo Walfish show dozens of Arabs of all ages harassing Jews who toured the Temple Mount Sunday morning, on the first day of Chol Hamoed Pesach.

A message sent later in the day from Students for the Temple Mount said that police were no longer allowing Jews to make the complete tour of the Mount, and that "any Jew who ascends to the Temple Mount is immediately taken out through the Shalshelet Gate, which is adjacent to the entry gate."

The Temple Mount organizations said Sunday that hundreds of Jews who hoped to make the pilgrimage to the Temple Mount of Pesach are now forced to return home disappointed because of the police's "loss of control in the face of Muslim threats."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said that he will not allow the issue of Jewish rights on the Temple Mount to cause a religious war in the Middle East. Critics like ex-MK Moshe Feiglin claim that it is precisely the lack of sovereignty on the Mount that causes instability and wars.