Orlando Wasn't About "Gun Violence"
or "Homophobia". It's About Islam.

By Daniel Greenfield | Frontpage Mag | June 15, 2016

God Bless IslamMuslim terrorists have killed thousands of Americans. They have focused on targeted populations that Islam particularly hates, such as Jews, Christians or gays. But they have also killed us in huge numbers without regard for our race, religion or any other factor.

They have killed us with guns. But they have also killed us with bombs and with airplanes and box cutters.

The media would like to stay in its cozy echo chamber and blame the Orlando killings on homophobia or lack of gun control. But that fails to address the largest Muslim massacre of Americans, which wasn't in Orlando, but which took place on 9/11. Americans, straight or gay, died that day. The weapons of choice were box cutters. We imposed the TSA on travelers and Muslim terrorism did not stop.

Gun control will not stop Muslim terrorism. Islam hates gay people, but it also hates everyone who isn't a Muslim.

We can stand against Islamic Supremacism together or we can reinforce the old political divisions. We can deal with the fact that Muslim terrorists want to kill you no matter if you're a Bernie supporter or a Trump supporter, if you're gay or straight, Jewish, Christian, atheist, Buddhist or just don't care.

Muslim terrorism is not a subsidiary issue of gun violence or gay rights or anything else. It is its own threat. It has been around for over a thousand years and we either deal with it or die.