Before You Blame NRA, Here's What You
Should Know About Orlando Shooting

By Christy Lee Parker | Mad World News | June 12, 2016

Omar Mateen and the PulseBy now, everyone has heard about the tragedy in Orlando, Florida, where Omar Mir Seddique Mateen committed a mass shooting at a gay nightclub, leaving at least 50 dead and another 53 injured. Just like liberal leftists often do, they are already climbing atop the dead bodies to decry the evils responsible for the vicious attack. However, before you blame the NRA, here's what you should know:

1. Mateen is a US citizen, but his parents are from Afganistan.

So, what we have is basically an Afghani anchor baby. Yet, many are still surprised he targeted gays to kill. They shouldn't be, which leads us to my next point.

2. They kill homosexuals in Afghanistan.

As is typical in Sharia law, homosexuality is punishable by death.

LGBT rights in Afghanistan

3. The NRA and guns do not follow a specific ideology, but the killer does, and it's Islam.

I've never heard the NRA or a gun tell people to commit murder, but I've read the Quran, and it does. It doesn't just suggest it either, it commands it, which brings us to point #4.

4. The "holy books," including the Quran and Hadith, of Islam command the killing of gays, and their prophet Muhammad personally executed gays himself.

5. Not only did Muhammad execute gays, all Caliphates thereafter have killed gays as well.

Just look at the Islamic State. Refer to #4 above. The only thing in Mateen's actions that disagrees with Muhammad's reaction towards homosexuals is the manner in which he said to kill them. Throughout the Middle East today, homosexuals are still killed in accordance with Islam, as previously stated.

Omar Mateen and Orlando police

6. Mateen is undeniably a Muslim.

He shouted "Allahu akbar" and pledged allegiance to Islamic State before his shooting rampage. His Islamic faith cannot be denied. Although his father claims his actions had nothing to do with his religion and points to an event where Mateen became upset by seeing two gay men kiss at some point, please refer to all the above. The anger he felt was taught by his ideology.

7. The shooter is a registered Democrat.

I'm sure the Islamic sympathizers and other terrorists are likely to be Democrats as well. It will make future attacks so much easier when we are disarmed by increasing gun control Democrat policies that have proven a failure time and time again.

8. The hate taught by Islam is not reserved to Middle Eastern countries.

American imams encourage violence. When Muslims "flee" their Middle Eastern wastelands, they bring their ideology with them. This is the same ideology that created the conditions which they claim to be escaping. You can take a Muslim out of an Islamic country, but you never take the Islamic ideology out of the Muslim.

9. Pulse, the nightclub where the tragedy occurred, was a gun-free zone.

Again, a failed Democrat policy made the victims sitting ducks with no way to defend themselves. Yet, the left's answer is still "less guns." Perhaps if even one person was able to return fire, some of those 50 victims would be alive. As for the additional laws now being demanded, terrorism and murder are already illegal. This didn't stop Mateen, so I have to ask, which "magic leftist law" would have? I already know the answer. None.

10. History is repeating itself, and the common denominator isn't a gun. It's Islam.

Islam teaches jihad, which commands the slaughter of unbelievers. Muslims have killed over 270 million innocent people in only 1400 years most of which were murdered without guns. So, if Democrats think taking guns away will end terrorism, they are greatly mistaken. In fact, it is still unclear whether Mateen possessed explosives that could have been used to inflict death on the "infidels" at a much more deadly rate than the weapon he did use.

We pray for those in Florida who have been struck by this tragedy, but we also hope that the loss of life will not be in vain and people will finally wake up to what we are welcoming into our country. The NRA did not do this. One man did this. ONE. But there's blood on so many hands, and it's not that of the NRA.