Flag Day is being celebrated a hundred
years after it was first established

By Thom Fain | News Star | June 14, 2016

U.S. flags on Flag DayFlag Day was installed as a national holiday by Woodrow Wilson 100 years ago as a celebration in remembrance of the First Flag Resolution of June 14, 1777 by the Continental Congress. It signified the flag should be "13 stripes alternate red and white: that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation."

June 14 also serves as the birthday of the U.S. Army, which was founded 241 years ago on this date. Since it is not totally known whether or not Betsy Ross sewed the first flag, but we do know that the nickname "Old Glory" came from William Driver, a sea captain from Massachusetts whose personal 10 x 17 flag survived multiple Rebel attempts to deface it during the Civil War.

Another famous flag is the one that survived the British shelling of Fort McHenry in Baltimore back in 1814, and inspired Francis Scott Key to write the "Star Spangled Banner," which would become our national anthem in 1931. According to PBS, the National Museum of American History has undertaken a long-term preservation project of that very flag.

And, in case you wanted to fly your very own version of the "Stars & Stripes" you might not be aware of the proper etiquette concerning that action, but Military.com has you covered. Flag Etiquette, according to Military.com.

When displaying the flag, do the following: