Islamic State beheads men for "mocking
Islam," "pledging allegiance to infidels"

By Robert Spencer | Jihad Watch | July 3, 2016

Breitbart has numerous photos that are extraordinarily gory and graphic. It must be remembered that the Islamic State jihadis know that these photos are horrifying and revolting. They do not, however, think they will damage their standing among the Muslims to whom they are trying to appeal; quite the contrary.

This is because the Qur'an directs Muslims to "strike the necks" of the unbelievers (47:4; cf. 8:12). Beheading is necessarily a bloody, ugly thing, but if the Qur'an commands it, it is what Allah wants, and the Islamic State's gory beheading photos are an advertisement for itself, that it is authentically and scrupulously Islamic.

The horrifying photos also have the added bonus effect of striking "terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah," as Muslims are also commanded to do in the Qur'an (8:60).

Islamic State beheading in Raqqa, Syria

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC PHOTOS: "Islamic State Beheads Men Accused of Mocking Islam, Serving 'Infidels,'" by Aaron Klein and Ali Waked, Breitbart, July 3, 2016:

TEL AVIV – As anti-Islamic State coalition forces prepared to strike the terrorist group's strongholds in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, the Islamic State's propaganda apparatus continued to release gory photos of so-called justice from areas under its control….

One series of photos depicted a Syrian man who was sentenced to death in Raqqa for "mocking Islam." His execution – beheading with a massive blade – was carried out in front of a live audience. A selection of images appears below via the Islamic State's Telegraph Forum:

In the nearby Elkheir region, IS gunmen were photographed slaughtering a man who was accused of "pledging allegiance to the infidels," after his "verdict" was read out in public.

In the town of Bukamal, in Iraq's Euphrates region, "sinners" who were convicted of violated Ramadan with no religious grounds were seen whipped and humiliated by being made to wear a sign that gave away their offense.

The fighters of the caliphate were also keen to show their merciful side, and released pictures of themselves handing out leaflets explaining to the public how to spend Ramadan's traditional charity money (Zakat) on the poor, and what the Sharia provisions are on the matter.