Joshi Solicitations

For well over 2 years, I have been receiving unsolicited emails from Bharat Joshi, Madan Joshi and Seetaram Joshi in India.  They have been requesting that I use their services to increase visibility and traffic at my website.  Links to a few of their numerous emails are below.

All of the emails include the Skype name snehadixit9 and/or the Whatsapp number +919236546467.  Also, note that the emails are sent from various addresses, which shows me that these are clueless scammers.  Click on the email addresses below to see individual emails.

Here is one example of the many emails I have sent back to these people:

I already have a high website ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.  For instance, if you do a search for the following terms, a link to pages or sections at my website will appear on the first page:

Search Term   Link on First Page
ted montgomery
human eye
revelation chronology
good thursday
God's covenant Israel church
final battles
alt characters
punctuation guide
chickenfoot dominoes a Varied and Informative Website
Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology of the Human Eye
The Chronology of Revelation--Part 1
Good Thursday -
God's Covenant--Part 1 -
The Final Battles -
Special ALT Characters -
Ted's Punctuation Guide -
Chickenfoot Domino Game -

There are numerous other phrases, when Googled or Binged or Yahooed, which reveal links on the first search engine page that go to pages at my website.  Also, since I charge for nothing at my website and make no profit from it, I have no interest in competing with other websites for traffic.

I am very satisfied with my website's rankings, and I do not require your services.  Please remove my email address from your emailing list, and do not contact me again.  Thank you.


Repeatedly, I have told these people that I do not need or want their services.  I also have requested that they remove my email address from their emailing lists and not to contact me again.  They have ignored my requests.

Here are just a couple of many web pages reporting Bharat Joshi’s emails as scams:

Not only do I not have any interest in the Joshi services, I also do not trust them.  In case you have a website and receive email solicitations from people named Joshi, I recommend that you do not accept their services.