The Eagles' incredible Super Bowl trick play was
identical to a play Nick Foles ran in high school

By Scott Davis | Business Insider | February 4, 2017

Jeff Robertson/AP
Nick Foles touchdown

The Philadelphia Eagles' incredible Super Bowl trick play that got Nick Foles a receiving touchdown was apparently one Foles had run before.

According to Yahoo, the play came from Foles' high school football playbook and it looks identical.

Both plays began with Foles faking an audible, then inching out of the way of the snap. The snap then goes to a running back, who flips it to a tight end or receiver, who then tosses it to Foles in the end zone.

Here's Foles running the play in high school:

So that play for the Nick Foles TD? It came from his high school playbook.

And here's Foles running the play on the game's biggest stage:

Whether the Eagles or Foles suggested bringing the play back up in the Super Bowl is unclear, but it will go down as an all-time great play in NFL history.