Adversity Supplies
Basic Check List

canned meats (tuna, salmon, sardines, ham, spam, chili)
canned vegetables (corn, green beans, mixed)   salsa
canned milk   canned soups   favorite snacks   chips
powdered milk   peanut butter   jellies, jams   honey
cases of bottled water   juices   sodas   coffee   tea
lentils   peas   beans (pinto, black, red, kidney, lima)
rice   flour   pancake mix   cornmeal   crackers
eggs   cooking oil   sugar   salt   pepper   spices
pasta   pasta sauce   cereals   rolled oats, barley, rye
nuts (mixed nuts or peanuts) in cans or jars   dried fruits
extra pet food   toilet paper   paper towels   napkins
clothes/dish detergent   facemasks   big water containers
gasoline generator   propane barbecue   extra propane
flashlights, batteries   candles   matches/lighters
medicines and medications   cough syrup   vitamins
toothpaste   toothbrushes   dental floss   bars of soap
plastic Ziploc bags   trash bags   extra cash, gold, silver
Long-term supplies of dehydrated food, which will
last for many years, can be ordered at these sites:

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