Why I Write About Bible Topics

Many who have read one or more of my commentaries on the Bible have asked me why I write the commentaries.  Others have questioned me about what training I have had, pertaining to Bible study and Christian doctrine.

I have been a Christian all of my life.  Never have I not believed in God.  Since 1975, I have read through the Bible numerous times and have studied it with great interest and focus.  In 1990, I felt that the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to write about Bible topics, including prophetic issues.  I believe that anyone who has faith in God, who seeks Him earnestly, and who has a reasonable degree of common sense can read the Bible and grasp the concepts God intends for people to understand.

I am an optometric physician; but, in early 1991, I retired from the practice of eye care.  Subsequently, for the next few years, I devoted much of my time to an in-depth examination and analysis of Scripture.  The Lord has taken care of me all these years after retirement, and He continues to do so.  I believe this has been because the main focus of my life has been on Him.  He never ceases to amaze me.

Besides having read the Bible from cover to cover many times, my studies also have included reading and listening to numerous commentaries by well-known evangelists and Bible scholars throughout the years.  I also have searched the web for viewpoints and perspectives about certain topics.  The majority of ideas and concepts at my site are my own, though.

Over several years, in the early 1990s, I wrote a lengthy and comprehensive study of the Bible: Creation ... Counterfeits ... and the 70th Week.  I have modified some of my views about biblical topics since then, though; my Bible Commentaries and Email Responses reflect my most recent views.  During the first three months of 1996, I taught myself HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the primary language used to make web pages.  Then I created Tedís HTML Tutorial to help others to learn HTML as well.

Using HTML, I translated my lengthy Bible study into web page format.  Soon thereafter, I created the eye section of my website, Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology of the Human Eye.  According to many, my eye site is the most comprehensive and popular website about the human eye on the World Wide Web.  (If you search for human eye in common search engines, a link to my eye site should appear within the top five out of tens of millions of links.)  Other sections of my website, such as Tedís Punctuation Guide, Measurements & Conversions, Special ALT Characters, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Tedís Remarks About Stuff are just a few of my other highly-visited sites and pages as well.

I continue to add information to my website.  I have tried to be a good web citizen by creating a helpful website, containing useful, beneficial information to multitudes of people around the world, without including any irritating and distracting advertisements.  Everything at my website is free; I pay for all of the web hosting and maintenance myself.  I never have asked, nor have I expected or wanted, anyone else to help subsidize, finance, nor sponsor my website.  I will not accept donations even when offered.

The main reason I have such a varied website is to ďattractĒ visitors to the things I have written about God and the Bible.  I feel that He is the one Who has created my website, using me as a mere tool to do it.  I also feel that He has done this to glorify Himself through the things I have written about Him and about His Word.  At least, I hope He has.

I welcome comments about anything that I have written, as long as they are rational and logical observations rather than aggressive and hostile attacks.  I rarely have time, though, for ongoing, back-and-forth discussions with anyone about anything.  Some people even have a pressing need to pursuade me to believe as they do about certain matters.

However, in attempting to do the latter, I recommend that they comment on specific items that I have written as a basis on which to have any type of discussion with me (see Attempts to Persuade Me to Believe Certain Things).  Better yet, I suggest that people create their own websites, encompassing their views and beliefs, and then find others who are willing to discuss with them the topics that they find the most interesting.

You can see in my Email Questions and Tedís Responses section that I do respond at length, on occasion, to some emails.  To that section of my website, I add peopleís questions and my responses to them when I feel that others will find this ďQ and AĒ to be interesting or helpful.  Generally, the emails of inquiry that are sent to me are brief, commenting on or asking something specific about the Bible or prophecy.  Unfortunately, I do not have the time to respond to all emails, at least in depth.


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