Ted’s Comprehensive HTML Tutorial

This site will help you learn and understand basic to advanced HTML.  The HTML code is written on underlying source code pages, enabling web pages to appear the way they do.

If your goal is to create web documents, and even your own web site, the information here will help you to do so.  Being able to “do it yourself” will give you a great deal more freedom and flexibility than using any “plug in” web designer or editing program.

This tutorial covers the vast majority of HTML tags and parameters.  They should work for all browsers, unless otherwise specified. 

Menu of Links
Introduction   Markup Tags   Structuring Tags
Color Coding   Heading Level Tags   Text Modification Characters & Tags
Style Tags   List Tags   Graphic Images
Hyperlinks   Tables   Table Examples
Forms   Frames   Frames Example
Ted’s Collection of Graphic Images   Web Page Example

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