Chronological Reading of the Bible in One Year

This is a chronological listing of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.  You can view the list one of three ways (in the .html version, you can click on each entry to go there directly):

Either list reads from left to right and down row by row.  (Go to Bible Book Abbreviations to see the full name of any abbreviated Bible book that you do not know.)

Averaging 3 to 4 chapters a day will enable to you read through the entire Bible in one year, if you should so choose.  You might wish to print out a list and check off the square in front of each entry as you read it.  (Note that some entries have Bible passages from more than one location.)

You can read passages online, from the New International Version of the Bible, by clicking on each entry in the HTML Document.  Then just check off each entry in the list that you print out so you will know what to read next when you go there again.

Once a Bible book is fully downloaded into your browser after you click on the link, it will skip automatically to the correct chapter.  The next time you access that Bible book, it should download a little faster.

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